Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do What You Want

You know that feeling when you know exactly what you want with your life and you’re doing everything you can think of to achieve it but it's not going exactly as you thought it would?

I’m working really hard right now and trying to keep my head in the game. I‘m working on writing more songs as well as getting better on the guitar, working on my voice, and playing the piano. Sending emails, visiting different churches, and sharing my songs and my message. Making new connections. Sometimes the thought goes through my head…

“What do you want from me, God? Aren’t I doing what you asked me to?” I guess what I’m trying to say is, what if what I want isn’t what God wants?

And then I remembered an unforgettable summer. It was the summer before my junior year of high school and I went to Pennsylvania for a Teen Leadership Conference. During the week we could pick different seminars to go to and I remember wanting to choose ones that would apply to my life whether one of my friends came with me or not.

So I chose a seminar with a captivating title (that I dont remember), and I went in with an open mind. Honestly it was kind of boring at first and then the professor said something that almost threw me off my chair. He said “Want to know what you should do with your life?” To which I thought...well, yeah. Thats why I’m here. “Do what you want.” WHATTT? That sounds rebellious. What does that even mean? Did he really just say that? Thats the answer that will solve all of my woes? Just do what I want? I came to Pennsylvania to hear that?

Then he explained a little more. If your mind and heart are in the right place and your motives are pure with God in the center of your life, your desires will be in line with God’s desires and what you want for your life will be what He wants. He wants you to be happy and is 100% on your side.

I remember feeling extremely humbled. I had underestimated the power of God and forgotten that He was able to use me in incredible ways. I know exactly what I want. I know exactly where I want to be...and how will I get there? Only with the Lord in the center.

I never want to be selfish again and think that its up to me where my life goes because that’s a waste of precious time. Its impossible for me to understand completely the mind of God because it is too complex for my finite mind.  But it is possible for me to understand that I am powerful through Him.

That summer, my eyes were opened and I realized that it was okay to open myself up and let God use me. In the fall I started going to a different school and had two of the best years of my life. I met incredible people, heard incredible life stories, and realized some things about myself. I opened myself up and put God in the center and I know that He led me through those incredible two years and is still leading me right now.

Why should I let negative comments take me down? Why should I let the world tell me I can’t possibly achieve this gigantic goal unless a miracle comes along? Why should I give up hope when everything begins to fail?

The answer is, I shouldn't, and I won’t. I can’t describe the burning passion inside of me to be a singer and share my story. I'll never give up. Be your own motivation. Live to please no one but God. And when it comes to your life, well......"do what you want.”

Madalyn McHugh is a Christian music artist who just released her debut CD, "Stepping Stone". Check out all the songs at her CDBaby site (Hint: It's at the top right of this page!)

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