About Madalyn

Madalyn McHugh is a small town girl with a life-size passion for singing and sharing her message with young people.  What message?  You don’t have to compromise your beliefs or who you are in order to be “OK”, or be accepted.

Born in the small town of Caro, Michigan (population: 5,000), Madalyn has lived the classic teen life, growing up in a large family, graduating in 2012 from Caro High School as Homecoming Queen, and getting lots of support from family and friends. But despite such a blessed life, Madalyn is uncompromising in the choices she makes and the values she holds.  Her firm stance,  and her non-judgmental attitude towards others  has earned the respect of teachers, peers and people in the local community. She is a sought after talent for churches, special events, and benefits.

She was raised in a very musical family. Her brother is an accomplished songwriter/drummer and recording artist. Her dad plays guitar and has written his own CD of original contemporary Christian songs. Her younger sister  wrote the words and music for the title track, “Stepping Stone”, and her older sister showed her little sister Maddie what it means to sing with passion and power.

Madalyn has a big voice and a unique style that captivates her audience and leaves them wanting more. Since August 2011, Madalyn has been traveling back and forth to Nashville with her family where she just recorded her first full album release with Creative Soul Records producer, Eric Copeland. All the songs on the CD, due for release in the summer of 2012, resound with a message of hope and encouragement.

On hearing his song recorded for the first time, singer/songwriter Cory Edwards, author of one of the songs on Madalyn’s CD said, “Wow! I love it.  She really sold it….she made me tear up”! After listening to several tracks Christian recording artist Paul White said, “She sounds wonderful!  What a mature sound…”  for such a young artist.

Madalyn loves to perform and she loves to share the things that encourage her and bless her in her Spiritual life. Her mission is to communicate to young, "Generation-Y" Christians that you don’t have to compromise your values, even when it feels uncomfortable, or when the peer pressure mounts. She sums it up this way: “I know who I am… my identity is in the Lord. I'm not sure if I’d know who I am if it wasn’t for Him”.

Madalyn has a lot of empathy with teens struggling with peer pressure to compromise their values. She will be spending the next few years traveling her state and beyond to be an encouragement to young people no matter where they stand with their faith. She wants to lift up, and minister to, the Church, and reach out to those who harbor serious doubts about their faith, or who feel hurt and angry about the pain they have experienced. Madalyn is the classic small town girl, with a powerful and poignant message for Christians: No Compromise!