Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bumpy Road to the Top

     Picture a little child wanting nothing but to grow up and be like his or her idol... a singer, an athlete, a friend...whoever. They dream of being just like that idol when they get "older" but as they grow up they realize how hard it is to accomplish that goal.

     No matter what age, I think people in general want to fit in. People want to be accepted. It seems natuaral to want to be a part of the popular crowd, but it's hard to want to be like someone else. It's great to have a dream and look up to someone but I think we underestimate our own capabilities and forget to put our faith in God and his plan for our lives. The true legends take their eyes off the crowd and focus on their goal, their dream...the prize. They don't let distractions keep them from achieving great things and living their dreams.

     There comes a point in life when it's time to take responsibility for our own dreams. Recognize the power you have within yourself to do something great, and remember that God has created you as a unique individual. There is no one else like you. Realize that you are just as beautiful as anyone else and that changing who you really are and compromising your faith just to "fit in" is something that is very dangerous and not worth the risk.

     I've known these truths for a long time, and am blessed to be in a family who raised me to have integrity and to work hard to realize my dreams. But it's hard to really understand and grasp that concept until you've travelled the road a little bit. I think the road to success is extrememly bumpy and sometimes lonely. There are sacrifices that will have to be made and you may miss out on some opportunities. You might fall. (No, you will fall.) But the important part is getting back up with even more determination and your integrity intact. When you've travelled a bumpy road and persevered through all the trials, then you are one giant step closer to your dream.

     Even though I've heard these things all my life, I'm arriving at the point now where I'm okay to dive head first into my dream and not be afraid of the outcome. I'm ready and excited to travel the bumpy and forsaken roads of life. We all have people that we look up to and depend on, but at some point we have to take responsibility for ourselves and take a leap of faith on our own. It's so important to arrive at that place where it's just you, God, and the open road.

     I'm so ready for that point. I'm ready to let Him tell me where to go and I'm ready to let Him take me straight to the top. (or maybe to a place I haven't thought of yet, and didn't expect.) He knows my dreams and He knows yours too. Depend on Him and no one else to fulfill your happiness. And as it gets harder and harder to tell the difference between God's will and your dreams, I am confident you will be travelling the road to success.

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